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In Residence: Contemporary Artists at Dartmouth

Learning to Look

Created by the Hood Museum of Art, Learning to Look is an approach designed to help viewers look carefully and think critically about any work of art.

These resources examine the painting Beaver Meadow by Paul Sample; the test panel that José Clemente Orozco created when he first came to Dartmouth College, before he painted the mural The Epic of American Civilization; and the photograph McLean, Virginia (Pumpkins), December 1978 by Joel Sternfeld.  It also includes details about the art and guidelines to help you lead a discussion with your students.

Learn More!

This list of resources may be used to help you and your students learn more about looking at and understanding modern and contemporary art. Some of the web resources are specific to an artist whose work is on view at the Hood Museum of Art while other websites and books provide a more general look at modern and contemporary art.

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