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Laetitia Soulier: The Fractal Architectures

These resources are designed to help teachers integrate learning at the museum and through the visual arts into the classroom curriculum.

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This annotated list of web resources may be used to help you and your students learn more about looking at and making meaning from this type of art.

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Vocabulary List

This glossary provides definitions to words used in the pre-visit material and also that are likely to come up during a visit to the exhibition.

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Pre-Visit Activity

Miniature Worlds: An Invitation to Wonder

This pre-visit activity is designed to prepare students for a visit to the exhibition Laetitia Soulier: Fractal Architectures on view at the Hood Downtown exhibition space September 16–December 11, 2016. Contemporary French photographer Laetitia Soulier creates miniature architectural models and then uses the models to create beautifully intricate photographs that seem both realistic and imaginary. Based on the idea of fractal geometry, each world is composed around a simple geometric shape, the circle or the square, which repeats to create intricate patterns both infinitely small and infinitely large. These photographs, richly detailed with various textures, patterns, shapes, and colors, invite us to explore a range of visual qualities and wonder about the stories embedded within them.

This pre-visit experience will introduce students to Soulier’s work, the geometry that structures her images, and the ideas she is exploring. There are three versions of the activity, one for elementary, middle, and high school students. Each experience should take about 30 minutes.

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