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The Hood Museum of Art’s ambitious publishing program ranges from book-length studies of collection areas and Hood traveling exhibitions to numerous brochures and gallery guides, including our special A Space for Dialogue: Fresh Perspectives on the Permanent Collections from Dartmouth’s Students series, now numbering over eighty brochures. Our publications reflect the thriving scholarly community that intersects with the Hood collections on an ongoing basis, comprised of the curatorial staff, Dartmouth faculty and students, and colleagues and researchers from other institutions. The Hood has published over fifty books and numerous brochures in the past twenty years.

January 2013

Michael Taylor, Director, Hood Museum of Art and Xinyue Guo, Dartmouth Class of 2014

2013, 8 pages, brochure

January 2013
Cover of The Women of Shin Hanga

Edited by Allen Hockley, with contributions by Kendall H. Brown, Allen Hockley, and Nozomi Naoi

Distributed by University Press of New England

2013, 280 pages

paper, ISBN # 978-0-944722-45-9, $40.00

January 2010
Catalogue cover of Assyrian Reliefs from the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II: A Cultural Biography.

Edited by Ada Cohen and Steven E. Kangas

Publishing partner: University Press of New England

2010, 288 pages

paper, ISBN# 978-1-58465-817-7, $40.00

January 2008
Cover of Wenda Gu at Dartmouth: THe art of Installation

Juliette Bianco, David Cateforis, Eleanor Heartney, Allen Hockley, Brian Kennedy

Publishing partner: University Press of New England

2008, 160 pages, paper, ISBN# 1-58465-707-3, $35.00

January 2005
Cover of Assyrian Reliefs from the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II

Kamyar Abdi, Steven Kangas, Susan Ackerman

2005, 12 pages, 2HB-1 brochure, $2.00

January 1991

Preface by Timothy Rub, introduction by Sheila Blair and Jonathan Bloom, essays by Professors Kevin Reinhart, Gene Garthwaite, and Walter Denny

1991, 116 pages, 2HB-24 cloth, ISBN# 0-944722-07-5, $29.95

January 1985

Introduction by Jacquelynn Baas, essays by Charles Moore and the curators

Publishing partner: Hudson Hills Press LLC

1985, 160 pages

2HB-18A paper, ISBN# 0-933920-72-5, $20.00

2HB-18B cloth, ISBN# 0-933920-71-7, $35.00

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