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The Hood Museum of Art’s ambitious publishing program ranges from book-length studies of collection areas and Hood traveling exhibitions to numerous brochures and gallery guides, including our special A Space for Dialogue: Fresh Perspectives on the Permanent Collections from Dartmouth’s Students series, now numbering over eighty brochures. Our publications reflect the thriving scholarly community that intersects with the Hood collections on an ongoing basis, comprised of the curatorial staff, Dartmouth faculty and students, and colleagues and researchers from other institutions. The Hood has published over fifty books and numerous brochures in the past twenty years.

February 2017
Orozco at Dartmouth cover

Jacquelynn Baas, independent scholar, and Mary K. Coffey, Assistant Professor of Art History at Dartmouth College

2017, 16 page, booklet

April 2016
Cover of the 2016 Public Art Walking Tour Guide. Cover photo by Alison Palizzolo.

A Walking Tour of the Hood Museum of Art's Campus Sculpture Collection

PDF icon Supplementary PDF (672.84 KB)
January 2011
Cover of Native American Art at Dartmouth

With contributions by George P. Horse Capture Sr., Joe D. Horse Capture, Joseph M. Sanchez, Colin G. Calloway, and Karen S. Miller, as well as Leah Bowe, Sherry Brydon, Heather Igloliorte, Miles R. Miller, Jennifer Neptune, Megan A. Smetzer, Joyce M. Szabo, and Jenny Tone-Pah-Hote

Publishing partner: University Press of New England

2011, 212 pages

paper, ISBN# 978-1-61168-033-1, $40.00

January 2010
Catalogue cover of Assyrian Reliefs from the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II: A Cultural Biography.

Edited by Ada Cohen and Steven E. Kangas

Publishing partner: University Press of New England

2010, 288 pages

paper, ISBN# 978-1-58465-817-7, $40.00

January 2009
Cover of Modern and Contemporary Art at Dartmouth

Edited by Brian P. Kennedy and Emily Shubert Burke

With an introductory essay by Emily Shubert Burke

Publishing partner: University Press of New England

2009, 240 pages

paper, ISBN# 978-1-58465-787-3, $40.00

cloth, ISBN# 978-1-58465-786-6, $65.00

January 2008
Cover of European Art at Dartmouth

T. Barton Thurber

Publishing partner: University Press of New England

2008, 256 pages

paper, ISBN# 978-1-58465-724-8, $40.00

cloth, ISBN# 978-1-58465-738-5, $65.00

January 2006
Still Life with Grapes cover

Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr., curator of northern Baroque painting at the National Gallery of Art. Edited by Nils Nadeau. Designed by Leeann Leftwich Zajas.

2006, brochure 

January 2005
Cover of Assyrian Reliefs from the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II

Kamyar Abdi, Steven Kangas, Susan Ackerman

2005, 12 pages, 2HB-1 brochure, $2.00

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